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Calling all Zelda cosplayers

On a peaceful day in the land of Hyrule, as the postman diligently made his rounds, Princess Zelda received a mysterious invitation. The sender is unnamed, and the handwriting is unfamiliar.

The letter spoke of a place the princess had heard of before. Clock Town. She wasn't sure she could believe Link when he told her about Clock Town and the land of Termina, but now any doubt she had was disproved.

Clutching her invitation to the Festival of Time, Zelda called upon Link to accompany her to this strange place. However, it seemed Link had also received an invitation.

Who sent these invitations? And furthermore... why?


My name is Jessica Roth, better known as Gloriantes, or Ordona. I am writing, directing, and co-producing an event at MomoCon, a convention held at Georgia Tech the spring of 2008. This event, The Legend of Zelda: The Festival of Time, will be a 72 minute long interactive play.

The script is still being written and ironed out, the stage is still in production, however, all of these things that need to be done pale in comparison to the most important part.

The cast.

So, I am placing an open casting call on... well, pretty much any outlet I can.

However, there are some requirements.

These requirements are:

  • You must have, if under the age of 18, parental/guardian permission in a notarized form.
    I know that sounds a bit much, but, especially if you are travelling out of state to make it to the event, it makes things easier. Especially if, god forbid, an accident happened. It can be something as simple as permission from your parents to be in this event in the form of a typed letter, but it must be notarized. A simple "permission slip" of sorts may be written out later, should we have any people that make the cast under the age of 18.

  • You must be able to make it to ATLANTA, GEORGIA.
    If you do not think that this is something you can do, then please do not apply. However, if you live in the Atlanta area and simply need a ride to the convention, something might be arranged.

  • You must be able to prerecord your lines and send them (in any format) to the audio editors for the event.
    Surely, the first thing you thought when you read that was "Prerecord our lines? For an interactive event?" I know, it sounds a little odd. However, we are performing this event in a THX certified theater. And, to ensure that everyone that attends this event can hear every word of every conversation, we wish to prerecord the bulk of the event. There will be times when your character may be required to go through the audience, (in character, of course) however, anything performed on the actual stage will be prerecorded. Also, some parts already have voices cast for them, by very talented voice actors. Of course, this also requires a lot of lip synching practice, but hey. You will find out upon recieving a role whether or not you yourself will be required to voice your character. (Here's hoping we don't Milli Vanilli anything!)

  • There will be a meeting every week pertaining to this event via a messaging service (a service to be determined upon achieving a full cast) that you will be required to attend.
    Now, I know most people have lives, so of course, you can miss up to four as long as there is a valid reason given, and two emergency absences. However, four consecutive absences (unless given a very good reason for) will cause you to lose your role.

Well, I think that covers the basics. Now, on to the character list!

The following characters will make up the cast. Characters names that have been striked are characters that have been casted.

Characters that are bolded are ones that have applicants.

Characters that are italicised are either line, choreography, and/or interaction heavy.

Characters with an *asterisk next to their names are physically demanding (for example: might be required to wear armor or heavy props, repeat a specific motion, or asked to lift something).

Also keep in mind that, even if you applied for a specific part, you may be asked to portray another.

Click on each name to see a picture of the character.

*Mask Salesman
Skull Kid
Mayor Dotour
Madame Aroma
*Knights (x3)
*Carpenters (x3)
Gorman (No image available)
*Rosa Sisters - Requires two applicants(No image available)
*Juggler Twins - Requires two applicants(No image available)

Once you have decided on which roles (you can apply for more than one, but you will only be chosen for one) you would like to take on, simply fill out this application, and send it to threenightmoon@gmail.com



Date of Birth:

City/State of Residence:


Roles Interested In:

Acting/Cosplaying Experience:

Why do you want this role? Write up to one paragraph or as little as one sentence explaining why you feel you would fit this role. (Do this once for each role interested in.)

Are you familiar with Majora's Mask, and/or the basic storyline? (Yes or No.)

Would you be interested in helping backstage?

Please include the following:
A clear picture of yourself
A clear picture of you in any costumes you have completed

Is there anything you'd like us to note? (Other talents, accomplishments, awards,etc.)

Finally, how may we contact you? Please list three different means of reaching you. (AIM handle, email, Skype, etc.)

Once your application is sent in, you will be replied to for a secondary interview, and if myself and my co-producer feel you would fill one of the roles available for casting, your role will be struck from the roster, and you will be notified.

Any and all applicants will be taken into consideration, and treated equally. However, not all applicants will get an interview. The interview, although it will be held via an internet messenger (and given with a relaxed attitude), is to be taken seriously.

That's all for now, fellow cosplayers. Please comment to this post with any questions.

Good luck to any and all who apply!


Jessica Roth

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