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First... uh... contribution, I guess.

Hi everyone! I realized very recently that I wasn't a part of nearly enough communities, and when asking myself what sort of communities I wanted to join, Zelda was the first thing to pop into my mind.
I thought as sort of an ice breaker and introductory post I would share some pictures of my wedding with everyone. (Don't worry - this has plenty to do with Zelda)
So, under the cut are a few pictures. They're not great - I'll try to get some better pictures soon if anyone is interested.

We decided costumes would be a little over the top, so instead my husband wore a green vest and tie. My flowers were pink and purple, and my bridesmaids wore pink and purple dresses.

Full view of the cake.

Close up

And a not-so-good shot of our wedding rings. They're custom made gemmed triforces. They're set in gold and have a silver band. The gems are garnet, peridot and topaz. Each gem in my ring is .75 carats, each gem in his ring is 1.25 carats.

We also used music from/inspired by LoZ for our wedding - the processional for the groom and bridal party was Apocalyptica's version of the Legend of Zelda theme, my processional was 'Zelda's Lullaby' and our recessional was an OC Remix called 'A Rose for Zelda'

The last Zelda influence in our wedding was our ring exchange, in which we said "This ring represents the wisdom we will gain in our new lives together, the courage we will lend one another when facing new challenges and the strength of our everlasting bond."

I guess that's really all I have to share...

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