tokyokitty161 (tokyokitty161) wrote in zeldafanatics,

Zelda Sims

Hey there I'm new to this community!! My name is Tokyo Kitty and I'm for the most part a writer. I'm 18, female, and that's about all I'm sharing cuz rest is personal....
Anyway I'm looking for Zelda Sims! Because I'm a nerd and when I'm procrastinating on homework I play with Sims that I find or make from various games and animes.....Anyway! I've already found Link and Zelda ones but I'm still looking for Midna (preferably human looking if it exists) and male!Sheik. I use sims 2 so if you know of any thing, costumes, full skins anything really...please tell me! I will deliver pictures when I can play with them!!
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