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zeldafanatics's Journal

Zelda Fanatics
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This is a communtiy for Zelda Fanatics everywhere. Couple quick things though...

I only ask a couple of things:

Please stay on topic. The topic is The Legend of Zelda games... I mean, if you can't stay on topic for this... I'm not really sure you should join this community... Not anything else.

Show respect to others. If you're having a problem with another user, tell me about it.

Icons are allowed. If you made icons from a game, fantastic. Feel free to post them, just make sure to use an LJ cut. You can post 4 in the open, the rest have to be hidden in cut.

Use appropriate LJ-cut. You should use LJ-cut when Posting anything that spoils the ending of a game. If this occurs, please give a warning of the spoiler in the cut tag.

If you don't know how to do the LJ-Cut, go to the FAQ and learn.

Also... Please contact me if you need any help with ... just about anything...
Lastly... Thanks for joining!!!!

moderated by: nada_123